Isl Vol.7, No.4


The Renaissance Generation of Chinese Comparative Literature—The Academic Contribution of Chen Jianhua: An Introduction

Going into Scholarship with Conscience: An Interview with Professor Chen Jianhua

Evolving a Unique Style and System from Exploring the Profound and Subtle: Professor Chen Jianhua and Leo Tolstoy Studies in China

Historical Consciousness, Academic Vision and Paradigm Construction: Chen Jianhua’s Contributions to the Study of Chinese Academic History of Foreign Literature

Humanistic Ideas in Chen Jianhua’s Russian Literature Study: A Perspective of Academic History

Chen Jianhua’s Academic Pursuit and the Construction of the Russian Literature Discipline of ECNU

Discussing Translation and Study of Contemporary Chinese Literature in Russia through a Looking-glass of Ten Lectures on Chinese-Russian Literary Relations by Chen Jianhua

Tom Stoppard: Reader’s Reports on His Early Work

Salome Otterbourne, Ethical Identity, and the Film Adaptions of Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile (1978, 2004, and 2022)

How Ordinary People Become Perpetrators: The Ethical Dilemmas in The Kindly Ones

The Debate between Posner and Nussbaum and the Theoretical Construction of Ethical Literary Criticism

On Adolescents’ Ethical Choices and Identity Reconstruction in His Dark Materials Trilogy

The Dissemination and Research of Ethical Literary Criticism and Its Development Prospects in Japan

Narrative, Metaphor and Images: An In-depth Research into John Keats’ Sonnets

On the Construction Modes of the Utopia and Dystopia of American Science Fiction

Jiang Chengyong and 19th-Century Western Literature Studies

“The Illusion of the Empire” and “The Community with a Shared Future for Mankind”: A Research on The Illusion of the Empire: Civilization, Nation, and the Incomplete Community