ISL Vol.6, No.2


Wang Ning and China’s Perspective on World Literature: An Introduction

Wang Ning: Sinicizing World Literature

Wang Ning, Inc.: Intercultural Collaborations in the Study of World Literature

From World Literature to World Poetics: Wang Ning’s Scholarship of Literature Studies

The Conception of World Poetics and the Forming of a Global Academic Community

Wang Ning and Shakespeare

Wang Ning’s Theoretical World and Its Application: Cosmopolitanism, World Literature and the Internationalization of the Chinese Humanities

The Dialectical Poetics of Sphinx Factor: The Ethical Choice of Power Senses and Superstructure in Shakespeare’s Macbeth

“We Are Mutually Constructed as Companion Species”: Animal Death and Gender Ethics in Alice Munro’s Stories

Onegin’s Ethical Choice and Ethical Predicament in Eugenii Onegin

“Ethical Choice” and “Philosophy of Life” in Dickinson’s Death Poems

Criminal Responsibility in the Legal Narratives of Hoffmann’s Das Fräulein von Scuderi

On Translator Ethics from the Perspective of Ethical Literary Criticism: Exemplified by David Hawkes’ Translation of Hong Lou Meng

A Masterpiece of Chinese Position, Practicality, Progress and Exploration: The Significance and Value of the A Study of Literary Ethics Criticism (Five Volumes)

Wholeness, Narratology-Focusedness, Context-Basedness and Ethicality: A Review on Narration, Witness and History: A Study of American Slave Narration

Re-recognition of the Symbolic Attribution and Function of Writing in the View of Language-Image Relationship: A Study on Research on the Relationship between Writing and Images from the Perspective of Art